Interview with Pablo Sabala

Pablo Sabala is a winner of the #InTheSameBoat Contest

Pablo Sabala

What comes to mind around “being in the same boat?”
“Being in the same boat”… It leads me to reflect on the role we have in today’s world. The responsibility we have with this world that is our home. It is an invitation to become aware and be more active every day to make a difference, it is everyone’s job!

What is your creative focus these days?
I like to think that regardless of the area where we develop, we can all contribute to others, to the world. And in the area of ​​creativity it is important to keep in mind values ​​and awareness to communicate positive things through our creations. We need to flood our entire environment with positivity.

Why did you include the lizard in your design?
Lizards are fantastic animals that have been part of our planet for millions of years, they have evolved and passed very difficult tests, their presence today is a testimony of life, it is part of nature’s footprint that reminds us that we can be here a long time and evolve…

What’s a fun thing you’ve experienced recently?
Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with some friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time, we separated for years because we had to emigrate to different places… meeting them again was the most fun and pleasant thing I’ve experienced in a long time!

What’s your advice for making the world a better place?
I firmly believe that to build a better world it is necessary to foster love and respect for others, for every living being, for our environment. Love allows us to see ourselves in the other, to share what they feel, to understand that when we harm, we actually harm ourselves… We need to see ourselves as beings and not as subjects or things…

Pablo Sabala is a Venezuelan artist who currently resides in Argentina, dedicated to graphic art and literature for more than 25 years. Learn more about him on his Behance page