About the #InTheSameBoat contest

The #InTheSameBoat contest aims to promote the notion that we’re all in the same boat. The idea is that the world will become a better place if more people share this perspective. We use www.inthesameboat.org as our main platform for selling t-shirts that spread the message. You will be featured on this site if you win this contest.

This contest offers any creative person a chance to join the effort. If your t-shirt design wins, you will receive $200 and become the featured artist on the homepage at www.inthesameboat.org. We will link your name to an online presence of your choice. We may also include a brief bio text about you on the homepage.

Here are the requirements:

– Your design must use the Illustrator file for the logo at www.inthesameboat.org/logofile.

– You can change the logo’s color.

– You can use graphical and text elements in combination with the logo.

– If you win, you will cede all copyrights to us.

If you’re interested in submitting a design, please contact us.