Feel the Connection…

The essence of the #inthesameboat initiative is a sense of connectedness, striving to promote unity, empathy, and proactive action for our shared planet. The campaign’s mantra, “Feel the connection”, conveys the belief that every individual, community, and nation is intertwined. Such connectedness provides the foundation for collective responsibility and coexistence.

Originating from the realization of the impact of climate change near the Florida Everglades, the initiative evolved to recognize that the challenges we face aren’t just environmental but are also intertwined with how we relate to one another as humans. Saving the Earth becomes an outcome that emerges from an awareness of our shared humanity and connectedness.

Wearing the campaign’s logo —a globe cradled within a boat—gives the wearer a unique sensation. It’s not just a logo; it’s a conduit for a feeling. When worn, it’s as if one is enveloped in an aura of empathy. It creates a sense of groundedness in our rapidly changing world.

Inthesameboat.org signals everyone to embrace this sentiment and become part of a larger journey. By championing the message and wearing the emblem, participants become agents of change, encouraging behavioral shifts that ripple out into the broader community.

The #inthesameboat movement is more than an environmental call to arms. It’s a universal summons for empathy and unity, urging a renewal in how we perceive and engage with the world and one another. At its heart, it underscores that our planet’s destiny is steered by the bonds we foster and the collective strides we make.

Embrace the logo, join the journey, and “feel the connection”.

Watch the video to learn how we started.